Summer Refuel: Adjusting to the Season

Heads up, we are one month into a scorching Carolina summer! And boy, oh boy, do we feel it on our runs. Yet, we all still get up, get dressed, and push through our workouts the best we can. Always remember that your body will be craving the proper fuel to continue a workout, and that you wi…

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How Training in Heat Can Boost Your Body

A decade ago, my wife was presented with an awesome opportunity. She would work at a rural medical center on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic for a month. I would help where I could. That included training her for a marathon. The only catch was the weather – daytime high…

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On Shoes: Cross Training & Running Friendly!

On Running, they’ve hit the US with full force this last year. We have been especially impressed with the whirlwind that is this Swiss based brand. Fleet Feet Fort Mill brought in the hot running shoes in multiple styles and colors last June; where their popularity has grown for more t…

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Swimming Benefits For Runners

We are about to SPLASH into the Carolinas summer season. Yep, yet another spring has come and gone; we blinked and low and behold, summer happened. With it turning into that sidewalk melting heat that we have all come to grow and love in the Carolinas, runners can sometimes turn to their i…

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Finding YOUR Hydration

The sun, the heat, and the humidity are back! So, get prepped and be smart by adding more water and electrolytes to your run. Water truly is an optimal part of your running workout. Sure, it’s not always fun to carry it with you, but it is necessary. Studies have shown that water help…

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Mother's Day Gift Guide-May 12, 2019

Let us help you find Mom the perfect FIT!  Mother's Day Must Haves! Gifts $25+ Keep mom running strong or running happy!  Help mom roll out, post work out!  Treat mom to sweet summer vibes with recovery sandals and polarized sunglasses!  Dress her up smart f…

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CEP Run 3.0: Compression with a Twist!

With medi’s 60+ years of experience in the compression industry, CEP is a brand that people can trust. We are all familiar with their compression socks, but what we need to know now is what are the changes from 2.0 to 3.0? The Run 3.0 series of sock now has a more asymmetrical fit v…

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Spring Training: On Its Way In!

Wow, how it has rained these past couple weeks. With rain and cold, we are bound and determined to still try and get our workouts in when and if we are able. Or, we sit at home and continue to debate, ‘Will I go workout today?’Whether you’ve committed yourself to a program …

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